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Charlie in Tahiti with two lovely Cruise Trekkers, Lydia and Bonnie

Charles C. Datin – known to friends as “Charlie” – is the producer of each Cruise Trek Adventure event.

Cruise Trek’s goal is to provide varying destinations and top quality event adventures that further enhances the camaraderie and bond that trekking brings to us all. That is – to create an event/adventure of family & friends that will inspire for a lifetime. After all, our mission is to boldly go as travel expands like nothing else. . .

Any questions or to join the mailing, feel free to use the contacts below.

Please note: It is always a good idea to get on the “snail” mailing list as Updates are sent explaining either new and/or additional information for the current event or even the announcement for our next Cruise Trek Adventure. If you wish to be placed on this list, please forward your full name, mailing address and phone number.

Please know we do not share your contact information with anyone else.

PO Box 4277
Malibu, CA   90264   USA

(310) 456-7544
SKYPE – cruisetrek

Please note: Passage must be booked through the Cruise Trek office
to attend all Cruise Trek events.

Cruise Trek Producer Bio:

Charlie’s father (far left), who helped to build the first ST model for Desilu Studios and Mr. Roddenberry.

Charlie was born in Southern California and raised on the beach in Malibu. . . This is where his love for the ocean stems. He comes from a large family of three sisters and a brother. They all lived in a 2 bedroom, one bath, beach cottage. He studied business in school.

After college, he worked as a commercial actor (SAG member) and model, both in the United States and abroad. For another creative outlet, he has kept very busy building and/or remodeling homes. And he does much of the work himself.

At this time, he is currently designing his dream green home. Charlie has a very keen business sense, good common sense, and an eye for detail; necessary organizational skills for producing an event like Cruise Trek.

Charlie first became interested in Star Trek as a young boy in the 1960’s, when his father worked on the team that built the original USS Enterprise models for the classic series.

His father and the other model makers were featured in an issue of the Star Trek Communicator. In fact, after the Canada/New England cruise (“The French Connection”), Charlie traveled by car to Washington, DC and for the first time since he was a child, saw the model hanging in one of the Smithsonian Institute’s displays – at the Air & Space Museum shop.

Since its inception in 1991, Cruise Trek has taken fans around the world – to Mexico in ‘92; Alaska in ‘94, ‘98 and ‘02; Bermuda in ‘95; the southern Caribbean in ‘96; Tahiti in ‘97; through the Panama Canal in ‘99; the western Mediterranean in 2000; the eastern Mediterranean for 12 days in 2001; The Hawaiian Expedition in 2003, The Caribbean in 2004, The Baltic Blast in 2005, Canada/New England in 2006, The Down Under to Australia in 2007, and the Danube River from Nuremberg to Budapest, taking in Prague, in 2008.

The same model now hanging in the Smithsonian’s shop at the Air & Space Museum.

Cruise Trek returned to Bermuda in 2009, to the Mediterranean in 2010, to Alaska in 2011, and to the Hawaiian islands in 2012. In 2011, Cruise Trek journeyed down the Rhine River and journeyed down the Seine River in 2013.

A voyage around the British Isles is scheduled for 2014.

Although Charles may seem somewhat microphone-shy – producing Cruise Trek Vacation Adventures is great fun for him, mostly because he gets to meet and work with a lot of fascinating and wonderful people. He always looks forward to welcoming the Cruise Trek family aboard and hopes you will build more wonderful memories.

No matter where the extraordinary destination, it has always been Charlie’s goal to produce top quality events with that special Trek family feeling and that being of inclusion for everyone from all walks of life.

And if you’re interested in a regular or non-event cruise, Charlie can help! Having been on more than 100 cruises, Charlie knows the cruise industry very well indeed. In fact, he has been involved in the cruise industry longer than he has been producing events. He can help you find what you’re looking for. Contact Charlie here!

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A good place to discover what Cruise Trek is all about – is the Cruise Trek Facebook page. There you’ll learn (and hear a few good tales!) more about Cruise Trek experiences, adventures, friendships, romances from past cruises and you can even learn of future travel intentions. It’s also a perfect place to keep in touch with the Cruise Trek Family.


Please get in touch with us for any questions – or to join our mailing list:

CruiseTrek   ~   PO Box 4277   ~   Malibu, CA   90264   USA
(310) 456-7544   ~   SKYPE:   cruisetrek   ~   CST# 2053934-40

Please note:   Passage must be booked through the Cruise Trek office to attend all Cruise Trek events.